About Us

Our company serves you in 500 square meters as sales, processing and storage in Bayrampaşa, İstanbul.

Also, we have a branch in Karaköy, İstanbul.

Our company has founded by Ahmet Evci who is our grandfather in glass sector with the name of Maruf Cam.


As a result of the evolution of the economy and technology, we have started in acrylic sector in the name of Marufpleks. Nowadays, Marufpleks is managing by Mustafa and Mesut Evci who are sons of Nazmi Evci.


Our company made its first importation in 2007 with plexyglass sheet and security mirrors and day by day, we grow our importation and exportation.


We have missioned the honest and true trade and we serve you the quality and reliance.


Our company is a member of Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association.

Maruf Pleksi Broşür
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Don't leave any blind spot with Marufpleks Security Mirrors!

Our priority is you pleasure. We serve you with Marufpleks guarantee. We wish your happy, safe and quality shopping.

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